Fluid Injector

The Matex Fluid Injector is air operated and time activated. It is completely self-contained and easy to install. It can be used to inject a wide range of different products such as Tri-lube, RDO-302 ES, Hole Control, Liquid Polymers, Foam, etc. If injecting foam, a Matex soluble lubricant must be used to avoid rust that could be caused from the foam.


The pump is designed to deliver a measure amount of product each injection to ensure a proper mixture. The pump has been designed with only one moving part to ensure low maintenance.

The timer assembly is available in a range of different voltages and is designed to measure the exact amount of injection necessary to deliver the amount of product desired. The timer has a setting dial on the face of the timer for the ease of increasing or decreasing the amount of product necessary, or timer can be pre-set for lubricating at a set rate.

All parts are warrantied of manufacturers defects for a period of 1 year of normal operation using only Matex products. For warranty and return policy information, please contact brianc@controlchemical.com

Pump is not warrantied if dirt and debris are found in the check valves or pump.

Note: The air mixing motor must be oiled with 2 drops of an air oil daily. This air oil can be sourced from any local supplier of hand held air tools worldwide.

Click below to watch a few quick videos on the Fluid Injector:

Fluid Injector Unboxing

Fluid Injector Instructional

Fluid Injector Tutorial

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