Attachment Drills

TEI rock drilling attachments are the most versatile excavator drilling platforms available for ground improvement, earth retention and rock drilling applications. Our patented system combines TEI drifters featuring Automatic Stroke Adjustment (ASA) or rotary heads with an advanced feed system that produces unequaled drilling technology for soil nailing, micropile and mining operations.

The TEI Rock Drill Excavator Attachment is ideal for use in difficult low, high and confined environments where its 360º swivel capabilities offers an extreme range of motion. The built-in swivel accepts air, water or grout for all types of drilling techniques. Additional drill positioning can be provided with the installation of a second 360-degree positioner that will move the drill feed from one side of the excavator boom to the other, enabling the drilling attachment to reach even the most difficult drilling positions.

TEI Rock Drill Attachments accommodate a variety of percussion and rotary options. Our unique hydraulic drifters are driven by a patented internal ASA system that only allows full percussion power when the drill string is engaged. Or choose from TEI’s full line of field proven rotary heads for all the power you require.

The TEI drilling attachment is radio-directed and provides operators with exacting controls and a clear line of sight. Our radio controls provide an excellent “feel” to the operator and the lightweight controller is comfortable enough to wear all day.

TEI rock drilling equipment utilizes quick connect technology to conveniently attach to most excavators. This convenient functionality minimizes attachment change-out time. With minimal effort, operators can utilize multiple attachments for a single excavator or share a drill attachment with more than one excavator.

Additionally, there is no modification necessary to the excavator to accommodate our drilling attachment because the existing auxiliary hydraulics provide all the power to the drill. This makes it possible to use rental excavators wherever your job takes you.

TEI drilling attachments are also available with an EU certified protective cover that meets current European equipment standards.

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