ROK DTH Hammers

Rockmore’s ROK series DTH hammers
Optimal energy transfer is essential to DTH drilling efficiency – how much compressed air power is delivered to the bit. That’s why we have revolutionized air flow management in the new ROK series high-performance DTH hammers. Our patented SonicFlow technology minimizes backflow and turbulence, enabling the piston to hit the bit harder and with greater frequency. That means increased efficiency, more power, faster penetration. And the streamlined design means fewer parts and easier maintenance. So for greater productivity, get ready to ROK.


2″ Hammers Description Data Sheet
2LT RD 50-6 Box

Low Pressure

Data Sheet


3″ Hammers Description Data Sheet
3LT 2-3/8″ API Reg Pin

Low Pressure

 Data Sheet
300-001 2-3/8″ API Reg Pin  Data Sheet
300-002 2-3/8″ API Reg Box  Data Sheet


4″ Hammers Description Data Sheet
400-001 2-3/8″ API Reg Pin  Data Sheet
400-002 2-7/8″ API Reg Pin  Data Sheet
400-004 2-3/8″ API IF Pin  Data Sheet
400-005 2-3/8″ API Reg Box  Data Sheet
400-006 2-3/8″ API IF Pin

Heavy Duty Wear Sleeve

 Data Sheet


5″ Hammers Description Data Sheet
500-001 3-1/2″ API Reg Pin  Data Sheet
500-003 3-1/2″ API Reg Pin

Top Sub with Back Reaming Buttons

 Data Sheet


6″ Hammers Description Data Sheet
600A-001 3-1/2″ API Reg Pin

Lower Air Consumption

 Data Sheet
600T-001  3-1/2″ API Reg Pin


 Data Sheet
600T-004  3-1/2″ API Reg Pin


Double Choke Air Guide

Data Sheet


8″ Hammers Description Data Sheet
800-001 4-1/2″ API Reg Pin  Data Sheet
875-001 4-1/2″ API Reg Pin  Data Sheet


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